Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Cannot Believe...

If I have gone on about this a lot recently then forgive me but the weather is AMAZING!!!!!Today has been glorious and as I drove along the coast road, I felt so happy to be here in the sunshine, even the cows looked happy!!This is my perfect weather sunny but not too hot, perfect spring weather!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Horrible Bugs

Yes the title says it all, there are horrible bugs going around at the moment and I seem to have caught one of them. I feel exhausted, shivery, achy but not quite ill enough to lie in bed. I have intentions to do things but I have zero energy. I have to go to work this afternoon and deal with a rabble of boisterous, noisy children, oh dear.......

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Food In Mercadona

Ooh it´s so exciting when Mercadona brings out some new products,well, it is for me anyway. Well today I discovered that they are now doing fresh quiches in the bakery section. They actually look too delicious and I think they could be quite dangerous to get into. There are also some new rustic bread rolls which I will be trying tomorrow morning for breakfast, something to jump out of bed for! They have brought out a range of noodles in chicken or prawn flavours. I also spotted sundried tomatoes in the fruit and veg section. And finally, there is a new packet of quality lomo which has worn a prize according to the gold medal on the packet.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cold today

It was pretty nippy today. To be honest I am a bit fed up of winter clothes and long to throw on a t shirt and shorts and skip out the front door! I am sure I will change my mind once the heat arrives. January and February are funny months but they have flown by and March is just around the corner.

Justin has started to paint the front of the house which seems to constantly need redoing.

I popped into the party shop in Pueblo Nuevo for a nosy today, I think it is called Soto Fiesta. It is really impressive and they have all kinds of cute gifts, fancy dress clothes, cupcake making things, pretty cake stands etc. They also make some stunning cakes to order. I cannot believe I haven´t been in there before and the prices weren´t too silly neither. There was a lovely little cake "piggy bank" which would be a lovely gift for a little girl and I think it was just under five euros. They also have lots of gift wrap and cards. I quite fancy one of the funky doormats that they have at 25 euros. I looked in Leroy Merlin and they are only a fiver cheaper for less original designs.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weather Set To Change

Enjoy the sunny days whilst they last, rumour has it that the weather is set to change with lots of rain forecasted for Sunday.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Marks and Spencer

After my positive bra experience I trundled back to Marbella Marks and Spencer to see what there was left from the sale. I was delighted to discover loads left in my size at rock bottom prices. I spent about sixty euros in underwear and I came out with a carrier bag overflowing. I now have enough undies and bras to last me until 2020( providing I don´t put on weight)!! I also bought some lovely flattering for pear shapes jeans from their Per Una range for just ten euros. Of course, I bought some goodies, biscuits, chocolate muffins and jam.

I had to go to Gib today and I have to admit that the sales weren´t as good as Marks in Marbella, in fact some things were still full price there, cheeky! I did treat myself to a couple of pairs of spring/summer shoes as I find it so difficult to get good quality, COMFORTABLE shoes to fit my wide feet in Spain without having to spend a fortune and I cam out with these:

Boat shoes but in navy, might get the cream too or is that greedy??

and these in black

Am I getting old or is it okay to love Marks and Spencers?

I also have my eye on:

Linen trousers in both black and white!!

They also had some lovely, smart white jeans which I cannot seem to find on the site. I really love their basics!

I popped into Next and they had loads of jeans which looked lovely but didn´t have time to try, trying on is so boring.