Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Heat is Back!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to put away all those tshirts and flip flops, the heat is back on. I had to swap my polo neck today for a tshirt and light cardi as I was sweltering!!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Primark Algeciras

Since we were out and about at Media Markt in Los BarriosI thought I would take advantage of our proximity to Primark in Algeciras. Well, the household bits were quite good and I picked up a new pair of snuggly throws in a very Christmassy red for just five euros each. I also decided to give our bed a bit of a revamp for 16 euros for a new double duvet cover set and matching sparkly cushions at just 4 euros each. So for the grand total of 34 euros the house is feeling a bit spoilt! As for the clothes, well the prices have gone up which doesn´t really justify the quality. You really have to have patience and a discerning eye when looking for clothes in Primark not to mention the desire to see yourself in your underwear in the world´s most unflattering lights and mirrors. Trying on clothes before you buy in Primark is a must as sizes are so inconsistent and if you don´t live on the doorstep you need to get it right. And frankly, I just can´t be bothered anymore to faff around in an uncomfortable, hot stuffy changing room. I have to say Primark was the only shop that was packed in the shopping centre and the queues were huge. People were going crazy for the kids pyjamas, throws etc. I have to say I was quite tempted by one of those blankets that you actually wear and a leopard print foot muff, not to mention the fleece babygrows for kids that go up to teen sizes but I resisted!