Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Beautiful Cat Was Run Over

Well, the title says it all. On Friday I found him lying in the middle of the road right outside my front door in a pool of blood. It was exactly a year ago that we found him as a kitten scrounging in a chiringuito. Friendly and sociable from day one he jumped into my arms and we took him home. He lived with us happily for a year where we treated him like a king and he enjoyed a short, sweet life.

He loved and trusted everyone and was simply a fluffy ball of love. Someone killed him with a car and drove off leaving him for dead. Whether it was an accident that the driver regrets or whether the driver made no effort to avoid his death I will never know and thinking about it can´t bring him back.


Ashleigh said...

I am so sorry to hear it. It is so sad to lose a pet. Hoe wonderful that you were able to give him a happy year. Again, I am very sorry about your cat!

Anonymous said...

Our cat died almost a year ago while we were in Spain for over three weeks. She was an old cat but in good health until her sudden end. We were heartbroken and I sympathise with you.