Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mercadona Packed at Half Nine

I know there is a trend happening, I keep posting about Mercadona, oh dear surely it must get better than this. Well, this morning I just happened to be hanging out at my favourite supermarket and I realised that everyone was speaking a foreign language...castellano! I realised that I am so used to listening to andaluces that when I hear a Madrile├▒o speaking it sounds foreign and actually like they are putting it on.

They will all be heading off home very soon as August draws to a close.

I also spotted that Mercadona are doing bacon now, I bought a packet and may try it between two slices of bread tomorrow morning. I have also been informed that Lidl have an unbeatable offer on bacon at the moment.


Ashleigh said... that's funny!

Anonymous said...

Well, like an spanish guy I can say:
There are several accents in Spain, in fact there are few different accents in Andalucia too.
The main opinion is Madrid and Castille (and some more regions) use the correct pronunciation. Gallegos seems to be singing when they speak, Catalonia and Baleares may have some accent because they speak 'catalán' too.
In Andalucia... God knows why they speak so badly... It is an awful land if you want to learn good spanish. Many of them don't understand how to pronounce 'z'-'c'-'s', for example.