Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waiting For The Sales

It is the time of year where we are all putting off buying anything else for the summer as we wait for the sales to commence in July. I notice that the sales are already starting in the UK and Clarks shoes have some really good sales with lots of children´s trainers with 50% off. El Corte Ingles stock Clarks shoes but they put a ridiculous mark up on them as they are being marketed as a luxury brand, a a far cry from the dowdy image that we once had of them when I was a child.

Talking of Corte Ingles I popped in there the other day. Yes, it is a pretty fab department store, if you are an all under one roof kind of person. Some of the prices are outrageous. You can see that the price for this sticker maker is just under twenty euros:

I paid twelve euros for it on sale in Carrefour in April. Well, Corte Ingles are charging SIXTY euros for it!!Just where do they get their prices from!!! This also happened at Christmas when I paid thirteen euros for a magazine making kit for one of my daughters and Corte Ingles were charging thirty five euros for the identical product.

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