Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Electric Toothbrush

I have just treated myself to the Mercadona's own brand of Electric toothbrush and I have to say I am very impressed. I am quite partial to a bit of home dentistry and this little kit with it´s floss connection is ideal. I noticed that they ahd an Oral B one but at half the price I snapped up the cheaper one and I am delighted with the results already. My mouth feels great, a bit like that just stepped out of a salon sensation only it is rather a case of just hopping of the dentist chair feeling!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Slow Cooker

Today is the first day that I have used my wonderful new slow cooker that I brought back from the UK. I am not sure if you can buy them in Spain but it was a bargaanious fifteen pounds from Argos and with my dad´s nectar points just two pounds so I don´t think that I will find it cheaper than that anywhere. I cannot believe that I didn´t get one before, where have I been? So easy! Economical! Great tasting food! I have a beef casserole cooking right now and it is said to be much cheaper than using a regular cooking so that should cut electricity bills this winter!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Finding Kitties

We went out for lunch at the lovely La Sal beach bar in Casares Costa one afternoon last week. After a tasty seafood feast we spotted the cutest little kitty hanging about. We took him home, got him checked out at the vet and he has settled in really well with our other cat Paris. There are so many strays around. They can be hard to get hold of but this one jumped straight into my arms and seems to love domestic life i.e sleeping in my bed and eating me out of house and home! I am taking him to the vet on Wednesday for his injections. The poor little mite has a cold so he is on a course of antibiotics. If you are thinking of getting a pet I recommend rescuing a stray cat. Cats make the best pets and don´t need training or walking.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Play Equipment

In response to Lucy Ann´s comment I have to agree that we do have fab play equipment here. The exercise equipment in red and yellow is aimed at older people to encourage them to get out and exercise. I am afraid I have no idea who the supplier is, I can have a look on the apparatus next time I am at the park to see if there is a name.

Sorry been away or a bit

Sorry I have been away for a bit relishing the cooler weather. It is windy but so refreshing. If you wrap up a bit you can go out for lovely comfortable walks and enjoy the gorgeous bright blue sky and the light that seems to bounce off the walls. I do love the winter in Spain, summer is too hot for me as I am not a sunbather so I really appreciate it when it cools down.

A new toy shop has opened in Estepona. It is brave to open a new business in the current climate but I can actually see them doing very well as there aren´t really many toy shops in the area apart from Carrefour. It is called Alexander´s and is off the main square where the boutiquey kinds of shops are. They have a fair selection of boys and girls toys including Lego and the prices seem reasonable for Spain.