Friday, October 30, 2009

Mince Pies in The Sun

It is still hot, in fact, the temperature reached 28 degrees according to my car this morning. Supersol have minice pies and polverones on the shelves and it just feels wrong when it is still so hot. The spanish are still in short sleeves, usually a sure sign that yes it really is hot! I don´t think that we are getting autumn this year and fear that we will nose dive into the depths of winter!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I just don´t get it!

Okay so I go into the gift shop with the intention of buying a present for my friend´s daughter.It´s her ninth birthday. I am prepared to spend around thirty euros. I see a cute pair of satin slippers and a bag that matches catches my eye. I then notice that the slippers have stains on them. I ask the lady behind the counter if she has another pair explaining that they are for a present so I wnt them to be in perfect condition. What does she do? She shakes her head. Okaay I think, do you want my custom or not? Do I not look like I´m serious, do I have to prove myself to be treated like a customer ?So I find an alternative pair of slippers that do not match the bag but they look soft and cosy. They look great but the size is wrong. So I ask if they have a bigger size. She does the head shake thing and at this point I think why does this feel like hard work. Is there not a crisis at the moment? I am not getting anywhere, she obviously doesn´t want o make a sale so, I give up, exasperated.

The next day I go to another gift shop where I have to say they couldn´t have been more helpful. So guess where I will be going back to for presents in the future and with christmas coming up?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bad Chocolate!

Now in this house we love chocolate, we usually wait until the kids are in bed and then we get the stash out. It has taken a few years to wean ourselves off cadburys and onto some of the supermarket own brands or milka. Personally, i like Mercadona Kit Kat copies but Justin insists on the real thing. I also like Hacendado mint choc which reminds me of Fry´s Chocolate cream.

When Justin nipped out to stock up the other night just before SuperSol was due to close I knew that he would return with a bar of Cadburys. Over the past few months I have been happy with all the choc that I have picked up with my shopping in Mercadona but he likes Cadbury´s when he can. We sat down to enjoy an episode of our current favourite sitcom Grey´s Anatomy, an american medical drama/sitcome about a load of young surgeons. There is a fair amount of blood and gore but it doesn´t put us off the chocolate.

Well, tea is made and as I hastily unveil the Cadbuy´s whole nut I quickly realise that something is wrong...very wrong. It was the texture, rough, not silky smooth and the colour, it was mottled with white instead of that rich chocolatey brown. Needless to say the taste was a huge disappoint to the extent that I don´t think that I can risk Cadbury´s from Super Sol again. I can guess that this was the effect of sitting on a shelf during really hot temperatures and possibly being thrown in a fridge to cool down. So, it is back to Mercadona for me where the choc turnover is high so less risk of it sitting for long periods at the wrong temperature.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Girl put in cage in back of van

My friend rang me in a panic this morning saying that she had witnessed a little girl being put into a huge cage for dogs in the back of a Fiat van. It unnerved her, her gut told her something wasn´t right so she called the emergency 112 number who were unhelpful and unccoperative to say the least. They fobbed her off saying that it wasn´t an emergency and didn´t even hang around long enough at the end of the phone to take down the number plate which she very wisely recorded on her phone. So, we went to the local police, who were very helpful and sent out a car straight away. It was refreshing to be taken seriously because as a foreigner it is not always easy even when you can speak the language. If you see something suspicious don´t ever let your lack of spanish language stand in your way, you can make yourself understood and you have more chance by physically going into a police station and getting your point across.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Puente Weekend in Chiclana

We spent the long weekend in Sancti Petri in Chiclana. Sancti Petri is a self contained resort where everything is withing walking distance i.e shops, bars and the beach. There are cycle routes everywhere so take your bike with you, unlike us who forgot! The beaches there are vast with beautiful white flour like sand. The sea was warm and it was difficult to believe that we were jumping the waves and up to our necks in sea water in mid october.