Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Use Your Library and Save money in Spain!

"Crisis" and all that means you have to cut costs where you can. For childrens´ books I recommend you check out your local library. If your children are anything like mine, once they hve read a book a couple of times, they are usually ready to move onto the next one especially books that are part of a series. Both my children have library tickets at the local library where there is a pretty good choice of books for their age group including "Pablo Diablo"which is a translation of the English "Horrid Henry", "Kika Superbruja" series of which there was a fantastic film adaptation at the cinema this year and Junie B. Jones. There are also Geronimo Stilton books including the special ones with the "smelly" pages.

The library is also a good place to take your children to do their homework or read because there are no distractions such as TV and the prescence of the librarian tends to make children behave and do as their told!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We went on an expedition to El Chorro gorge on Saturday. El Chorro and the surrounding scenery is spectacular and well worth a trip to, as is the Mozarabic church in Bobastro. We were also pleasantly surprised to find that we could eat at prices that are very much history along the coast. Four of us, two adults and two greedy children stuffed ourselves on numerous raciones, we all had a soft drink each and a large bottle of water and it totalled to a whopping 19 euros! I was quite taken aback as I have grown used to mentally calculating the bill whilst ordering and I had predicted a figure at least double that especially for the amount of food that we had ordered, I was a bit nervous.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to School

At long last, the children are back at school. It take a week or so to get organised as parents have to buy all the books and material, plus label each and every item! Also, it is gradually starting to cool down which I am very pleased about. I really like September and October in Spain as the weather allows you to do all the things that you just can´t do in July and August like walk outside during the day!

Monday, September 07, 2009

I know where to escape from the heat!

We drove up to the top of Estepona mountain yesterday where to our surprise and delight it was cold, windy and raining. It felt like the Yorkshire Dales, complete contrast to the sticky, hot coast. I think I might have to set up camp there next August!