Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter in Los Barrios Cinema

I hve just got in from watching Harry Potter in the complex in Los Barrios in Version Original (English). I don´t think people realise that they don´t have to go all the way to Marbella so I am letting you know. Here is the site:

UGC Pronto

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stuffy, Shoes and Other Stuff

It is so stuffy today, I think that it is Levante, when will I get the hang of the winds?

I took the girls to Merkat in Los Barrios for some new sandals. One pair of sandals does not last the whole summer and because I have two to buy for at a time it can work out expensive. I popped into a shop in Estepona last week where they didn´t have any sandals for less than forty euros and since the shop assistant started ranting at me when I touched his precious display I thought no way am I handing you eighty euros, these days you have to kiss butt for that kind of money so I am not spending in your shop if you are going to make me feel like an inconvenience! I managed to find some nice comfy ones for twenty four euros but they were the cheapest, most were around the thirty euro mark. If you consider that they don´t actually measure the feet and the shop is all self service, it actually makes Clarks in the UK seem like good value.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Takila Ofisial!!!!

Look at the title, it is very badly mispelt, well this was the huge sign on the roundabout in Estepona pointing to the ticket office (bit like the Leicester Square one, that kind of idea) that has just opened up. It doesn´t inspire me to buy tickets from them I have to say!