Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Price of Breakfast

On Friday Justin and I decided to treat ourselves to a cooked breakfast at a local cafe. It was admittedly a hearty breakfast but when we paid up it dawned on us just how expensive everything is, 17 euros for two breakfasts and two teas! It was good, very good but not that good considering the times we are in.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Duvets Are Out and Sheets Are In

Yes, it is officially the sheet season and all duvets are stored away but this year not in those vacuum bags because frankly they don't work, well not for me anyway. My collection of sheets was a bit miserable so I decided to invest in some new ones. I use the word invest very loosely as I wasn't looking to spend very much at all and I wasn't prepared to drive up and down for hours along the Costa del Sol neither.

So whilst killing time in Carrefour whilst the girls were in an "extra" I was delighted to find a load of sales on. The types of bargains to be had at the moment are not a normal occurrence at this time of year but at last, they have had to cave in and do some proper offers. I picked up a "juego de sabanas" and was delighted to discover that they were two for the price of one so two sets for not much more that 20 euros. Okay they aren't the best quality with a polyester mix but 100% cotton sheets in Spain still require hours of ironing which I don't do any more since I moved to a hot country. I know the Carrefour sheets aren't to everyone's taste as the prints tend to be a bit chintzy even gaudy but there is something a bit homely and retro about them peeping out over the lime green throw that I also bought for half price to brighten up my rather bland bedroom.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shopping Warning

I just wanted to remind people that sometimes getting refunds in Spain is not as easy as it has become in the UK. I bought a dress last week, not expensive, just a cotton summer one for about 35 euros from a high street chain store in Estepona. However, I have the feeling that they might be a franchise. Anyway, it turned out that the dress was too big and the size smaller was too small. I took the unworn dress back to the shop with the receipt in the bag. I was given two options, return it for something else or accept a vale (credit note).

Now that is fine for me as I live here and eventually I would hope that I could find something else in the shop to replace it. However, I did ask for a cash refund as I spoke to a lawyer/friend who informed me that a full refund was my right given that it was within the fifteen day period, unworn and I had my receipt. I pushed for it and eventually she asked her manager permission to refund the money which he did.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It Is Officially The Ice Cream Season

Mercadona have a better range than ever. It seems that there is double the choice that there was last year with magnum copies, cookies and cream, stracciatella, chocolate brownie and so on. Since I have no self control whatsoever and I never know when I have had enough I have stocked the freezer with the mini versions but no doubt I will end up eating two at a time instead of one to make up for it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wiped Out After the Weekend

On Saturday morning we were up and out early, ready to catch the coach at quarter to 9 to make our way to Jerez. Well, you may have been to many ferias but you have never experienced a feria until you go to the one in Jerez. It is completely awe inspiring, the horses, the costumes, it is immense. There is no point in me even beginning to describe it as you should see it for yourself as nothing comes close to it, hence why it is one of the biggest in the world. For horse fans, it is a must see and even if you if you aren't you can't help but me transfixed but the majesticness of these huge animals.

On Sunday morning, as if we hadn't been horsed out enough, we were up early again as our girls had the very first riding competition at Cheryl's stables. It has all of a sudden become really warm and it was roasting inland. I wonder if this is it now for the summer or could it cool down again before the "big heat".

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Back from Blighty!

Just back from a week in Blighty where I spent time with my gorgy six month old nephew. I came very close to taking him back to Spain with me so I could buy one of those funky bright pushchairs that all the Spanish mums have and parade him up and down in the summer evenings!

The first few days were bright and sunny in England and then it turned a bit grey and chilly. So, it's great to be back and the sky seems bluer than ever and the light how it bounces off the whitewashing buildings is so uplifting! I actually felt quite claustrophobic in the land locked London area.

I did notice how cheap everything is in the UK but I didn't really make the most of it apart from some Clarks trainers and sandals for the girls which are at least half the price of Spain, maybe even a third of the price. I treated myself to some Clarks sandals which fit my broad feet like a dream. The girls were thoroughly spoilt with loads of clothes from their nan, their grandad and their aunty so that saves me a small fortune on expensive Spanish clothes. Although, Spanish children's clothes are very pretty, they can be very pricey!

I also stocked up on the bargain, excellent quality bikinis which they have in Primark, damn wish I had bought more now as I feel a day at the beach is in order this weekend.

So, even though Spain isn't the bargain paradise that it once was, it is great to be able to pack up a picnic and sit on the beach or plan a barbeque at the weekend safe in the knowledge that it won't be a wash out!