Sunday, April 12, 2009


We went to Madrid for a few days last week. We decided to drive because we weighed it up and worked out that with the drive to the airport, waiting and the plane journey and everything it would take about the same time. It tok us nearly six hours to get there. Once you leave Andalucia, you drive for three hours without seeing anything at all, no people, villages, life, nothing.

I liked Madrid but not as much as Barcelona. We did the Madrid must do's such as El Prado, El Parque Retiro where we rowed on the lake and just to give the girls something to look forward whilst trawling through endless Goyas, Parque Warner which was cool. We managed to get photos with all the characters including Bugs Bunny and Tweety Pie. We had a little hospital incident whilst we were there and thankfully it was just around the corner from the hotel but nothing too serious, just an infection which resulted in a minor procedure involving a doctor,a six year old's ear lobe and a knife! Quite gruesome really.

We stopped off in Jaen on the way back where a kind stanger handed us a typical Easter cake which they eat in the region. The Santa Catalina cathedral was impressive. It was a hot day, I dread to imagine how hot it gets there in August.