Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bar Rejection and Bad Translation

Three of us mums from school went out for a pre Christmas drink last night only to discover that the bars began to close up at ten and we had only just left the house at nine. We walked into one restaurant on the front requesting a drink and they as good as frog marched out of the door, in fact they looked most annoyed that we had interrupted what seemed to be the owner´s soiree!

So where did we end up? In a kebab shop sat at the table with our cokes and wine and clutching our bellies as we rolled around laughing at the bizzarely translated menu. I know it is a little rude as I am sure my English to Spanish efforts would leave a lot to be desired but I draw the line at a salad with a "hand grenade" in it and "toots bread". For those of you who know Spanish you will know that toots is a literal translation from pita ( as in tooting a horn) but I still haven´t worked the hand grenade out yet!

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Costas said...

Something with "greandines" perhaps? I'm having sleepless nights now, thanks for that :/