Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog dreams

I had a dream that I should blog something but I cannot remember what so please forgive me. Pointless information for you I know!

We attended the school christmas show today which I watched, stood on a wall, on an incline, through some heavily slatted windows as like every year they couldnt fit all the parents in the hall!When will it ever occur to them to do it in year groups.

I have had a flu tupe of bug that has been impossible to shift and I am not a colds and flu person so wrap up warm if you are. It is seriously cold but they are predicting a warm and dry winter. Despite the cold, it is generally bright and a blue sky instantly lifts your spirits in the morning despite the abscence of central heating on rising!

I braved a trip to La Canada shopping centre which is sales galore, marketed as Rebajas de Navidad. Come on be honest with us and tell it like it is! There have never been rebajas de Navidad these are Rebajas de Crisis! Rumour has it that the official sales are going to begin on the 3rd January before Los Reyes when traditionally they begin on the day after, the 7th.

If you fancy a night out for New Years Eve I see that the Kempinski, sorry if I have spelt it wrong are selling tickets for somewhere in the region of 400 hundred euros each adult. I choose not to comment!All I can say is what, why and who and sorry that my keyboard is broken so excuse the poor punctuation!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Marks and Spencer in Spain

Marks and Spencer will deliver to Spain for a tenner. I think that you will agree that you won't get a flight as cheap as that. I haven't tried it myself as our post is a tad on the unreliable side. Here is the link:

International Delivery

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Death By Chorizo

We had lunch today at the bar across the road. I was recommended the chorizo roll which I have to say has pretty much finished me off for the day. There was a lot of chorizo in the roll and it was very fried and heavy. I am just waiting for a heart attack now.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's so cold!

It is so cold that my hands are numb and my nose is icy. It would probably help if I put more clothes on but I just can't get used to dressing for the cold in Spain, I guess that I am out of practice. I went to the new Mercadona today on the road to Estepona. It is really spacious and quiet. I only took out one card with me and no cash and the card wouldn't swipe. The girl behind the desk suggested that I needed a new card but it had worked only about an hour beforehand in Estepona!

I notice that there are reductions like I have never ever seen in Spain during the build up to Christmas. I mean it isn't like in the UK where we have got used to seeing 20% off signs and promotional days in department stores during December. In Spain, there has never been a drop in prices before the 7th January when the winter sales begin. This is a definite sign of the times.

In Leroy Merlin there are all kinds of discounts on offer from heaters to rugs. All the Christmas decorations are buy three get one more free and in Carrefour they are buy two get one more free. If anyone has seen the front of our house you can see that we went a little crazy with the Leroy Merlin offer. As if those offers weren't enough, we were also given a 15% off voucher which could be used on certain days. Needless to say I did return and took the discount on a nice new fluffy rug for the living room. One of my neighbours was telling me about the great deals on furniture in Imperial in La Canada. They managed to bag themselves a couple of distressed leather recliners for just 75 euros each!