Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Costa del Souless

Soulless and disinterested are the words that I would use to describe the doctor that my friend and I saw at the Costa del Sol yesterday. The full story can be found at her blog here

On a lighter note we stopped off en route home to lift our mood in La Canada yesterday. Credit crunch err where? The Spanish are spending money like it's going out of fashion!!! Zara was heaving at midday on a Monday. A lady in front of me in the queue put 400 euros worth on her card and the one in front of her casually passed over a wad of fifties. They were clearing the rails, it was like something off Supermarket Sweep. Seriously, the weight of the bags were stretching their arms like gorilla's. I have to say I like their style, when the going gets tough the Spanish get shopping!

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Friday

Can't believe it's Friday already, soon it will be Christmas but there's still Halloween to go yet which seems to be becoming quite a popular event in Spain. I don't know if its due to the presence of the Brits or it would have gone that way anyway.If you are a halloween fan the major supermarkets or rather hypermarkets such as Carrefour will be filling up with costumes and spooky things very soon.

Weather wise, it's not looking too promising for the weekend which is a shame because we wanted to try out a new walking route on Sunday. Even though it's dull right now (Friday am) it is slightly too warm for a jacket well too warm for a guiri like me although the spanish are in mangas largas which is a sure sign that summer is officially over.

On Saturday we are heading to Malaga to watch the Disney Magic Show which we got tickets for ages from Corte Ingles. I know it isn't exactly theatre but we really enjoy going to see family shows and they are about if you know where to looking for them.This is the page you need:

El Corte Ingles

My latest "sugar hit" is the cookies from Eroski, large and chunky with generous chunks rather than chips of chocolate and for only one euro a a packet you can't go wrong. They are also doing an offer of three packs of filipino (round chocolate coated (white, milk or dark) for a euro. The best place for potatoes to do jackets in the oven is Lidl. They are much bigger than any you find in the other supermarkets. There's something quite addictive about Lidl although, I know of people that won't go in there. Don't know what you are missing out on nueva andalucia blogger! I love the centre aisles where you can pick up anything from gel pens to furniture. I also pick up their brochure to find out what offers are coming in soon.

After my boulangier fiasco and sweeping for x amount of months, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a new aspirador. I say invest but once bitten twice shy and this time I wasn't about to spend mega bucks on something that could potentially break down on me on day of purchase again so I opted for Carrefour's own brand in an attractive shade of cherry red which set me back a mere 40 euros (possible less but definitely no more) and it's great, supreme suction and bagless so what more can you want. Okay the LG one was made of a sturdy material and was easy to store but that's all a bit pointless when it doesn't work.

So that's it for now except I would like to mention the excellent service that I received in The Curtain and Bedding Shop (think that's what they are called) around the corner from Mercadona in Sabinillas. From start to finish they provided an all round service including measuring, hanging poles and curtains. The manager has a very good eye and a high level of attention to detail.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

An exciting discovery

Thanks to my fellow chocaholic neighbour I have made an exciting discover in Mercadona called Voyager.400g bag of mini copies of marathon oops snickers, bounty,mars,twix and something else that I can't remember. They taste exactly the same, if not scrummier!!!I can't recall the exact price but it wasn't a lot over 2euros for bag. The packaging is predominantly purple with silver/white writing. Now don't go buying them all up now I have shared this with you all.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Back to school soon

I am counting the days until they go back to school after nearly three months of holidays!! They finally return next Monday. I am hoping that they get a really strict teacher this year as they are starting primaria and desperately need a "mandona" to whip them into shape. Although we have done some reading every day, I really don't know how people home school their children.

They are in my space all the time from 8 until late and it's really late in the summer. My walls are covered in footprints, mine, from where I have been climbing them. I am avoiding my next door neighbours, who incidentally is a policeman, through sheer embarrassment from my constant shouting.It won't be long before social services comes knocking. Do they have wifi in prison?

I do envy the Spanish who have their families on hand for support because it does really get too much and prevents me from working and practising my beloved pilates for three months. How mothers with more than two children do it, I don't know. Roll on Monday!!!!!