Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back again!!

We are all a bit behind here and out of work mode. Justin went into hospital on Monday for an op and we naively thought that he would be skipping out first thing Tuesday morning and everything would be back to normal again.

My timing has been completely off this week as I had a new kitchen being delivered on the same day. Anyway, he had his op in Hospiten by a surgeon who had something distinctly Willy Wonkaish about him. Since the very first day that he clapped eyes on Justin, he has been longing to get his fingers up his nostrils. And so he did, he had his wicked way and was delighted about it as he came in afterwards beaming from ear to ear, obviously very satisfied. Justin on the other hand, was miserable at the thought of another 24 hours of liquids and my inconsiderate scattering of half eaten bags of roasted chicken and thyme crisps around his "suite", as they called it, wasn't appreciated.

Anyway, finally out and the premier destination of all places on his list was Gibraltar. Well, you can take the boy out of Gibraltar but you can't take the Gib out the boy. We ended up in the inevitable Morrisons where my infinite quest for potatoes finally concluded. All other shelves previously displaying fuit and veg were gone but a glimmer of hope in the form of a sack of large, white potatoes just begging to be slung in the oven and smeared with butter sat in the horizon.However, do not be misled into thinking that these are british potatoes, no siree, these little babies are proudly andaluz and go by the name (write this down) martin y perez. Now can somebody please tell me where I can get these without having to leave the country where they are grown? I have to go back to Gib very soon as I forgot the party rings for the mum at school!

I mentioned that the shelves were empty in Morrisons. That is due to the lorry driver's strike and unless you are one of those people who insist upon feeding their cars 98, you will be disappointed trying to get fuel in Gib. In fact a couple of garages had nothing to offer. I know that I am probably going to be flamed for this but I think sometimes as car users, we need this. It stops us from making unnecessary trips, it helps local businesses and shops as we are more reluctant to travel. In fact, it just makes us more conscience about how much we normally use our cars as we are forced to use them only when really necessary which is really how it should be.Plus it makes us walk and that, of course, can only be a good thing!

The girls came back from a farm trip in Coin today looking as though they had spent most of the day rolling around in the pig sty. I don't know how they ever got there as they hadn't laid on enough for transport for the number of children. I think that they managed to cram in a local bus, hitch hike, whatever, they all got there in the end.

My new kitchen is looking fab, great german company, painfully punctual, professional and so on. However, I will not speak too soon as it isn't finished yet! Cynical, moi!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oasis in Gibraltar

The choice in Gibraltar just gets better and better. UK high street store Oasis is in the process of opening in Main Street. If you are looking for beach/swimwear then you must look in BHS, Marks and Spencer, Next and La Senza as they all have lots of bikins, swimsuits, kaftans, maxi beach dresses, flip flops. You name it thay have all got it.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blog fans

The temperature is definitely rising now.It won't be long until it gets too hot to walk about in the heat or do anything remotely physical for that matter.

Today I have had to wom my kitten but I am not sure if I have over or underwormed her if that makes sense so any cat experts, your advice on worming would be much appreciated.

I am always keen to share my new discoveries so for all spain related blog fans, I thought that you might be interested in this one by the co author of In The Garlic here is the link to the blog. I really like it and could spend hours reading all her stories and anecdotes. She has lived in Spain for absolutely years and has a Spanish husband which makes her a bit of an authority on the culture for other expats.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Supermarkets and more

I have given up on potatoes since it seems that every potato that I buy is destined to turn bad in a matter of hours. I have tried them from everywhere the supermarkets and the local village shops alike. As for baking potatoes, forget it. I very nearly asked the guy selling "patata asada" at the feria where they were sourcing the potatoes from because it's one of Spain's best kept secrets. As a result at least we are keeping the carbs low in our house, Dr Atkins would be proud.

Having given up on potatoes I have to get my carbs from somewhere but I don't like to buy the huge family sized bags that they sell everywhere. The spanish don't tend to be as individualistic as us Brits so they always have people around to share their bumper pack with but I like a bag all to myself and I prefer to avoid temptation by opting for the small bags of Golden Wonder that you can get in Supersol.They are nearly always out of date or within one month so I am guessing that Supersol are buying these crisps very cheaply and putting a huge mark up on them.

Another problem we have been having is with bread. I know that it is better to buy fresh bread everyday and we do tend to do this but sometimes you just want to throw a couple of slices into the toaster for breakfast. Our recent loaves have been verging on stale and can only be eaten toasted.

On the food subject, one of the mums at school has put in a Brit shopping order since her daughter has taken a liking to "iced party rings". She has discovered and devoured them at the british children's parties so I am under orders to bring back five packets from my next Morrison's in Gibraltar trip. To be honest I only go to Morrisons for the organic "whole earth"peanut butter but I didn't tell her that and will make a trip soon. Maybe I will pick up some baking potatoes whilst I am there.