Monday, October 15, 2007

Choice and abundance

Hi, sorry I have been away for a little while, please forgive me. Let´s catch up.

I took the girls to England for a long weekend to visit family etc. England is indeed a magical place in the sense that everything that you could possibly ever desire appears before your very eyes. What is she going on about, you might be wondering. Well you fancy a bar of choc so you pop into a shop and the array of chocolate bars is absolutely astounding. It is certainly a chocaholics dream and anyone with a bit of a weight problem and penchant for chocolate can be forgiven because it is all to irresistible. Not only that, despite doing the rounds with friends and family I was conscious that a friend of mine had asked me to pick up a book for her little girl. Now we are not talking about something widely available like Harry Potter and such popular titles but it was an old Enid Blyton story. Of course, I kind of let it go until I was preparing to fly back at Luton airport and it dawned at me that I still hadn´t picked it up. I was convinced that there was no way that I was going to find it in the Whsmith in the airport as they only seem to carry a limited selection and the latest titles. But no it was there waiting for me on the shelf as if by magic!

However, there is a drawback to this choice and abundance that we enjoy in Britain. The children have a lot of toys. Isn´t it enough for a child to have a dedicated room for playing in without cramming a double garage and their bedrooms too with toys? It is so execessive and I wonder if they play with even a tenth of what they have. I asked a little six year old girl what she was hoping to get from Father Christmas and she herself said that she had everything by now. And she wasn´t wrong. Six year olds with ipods, mobiles, playstations. It´s really out of perspective and it does take you aback when you return from Spain where children do have games consoles etc but nowhere near to the extent of possessions that they have in the UK.