Thursday, September 20, 2007


Chips, yes chips are currently selling like like hotcakes in this area! I don't know how it happens, but as soon as the oven chips hit the shelves in Plus supermarket, they fly straight out of the door. Most of them end up in the homes of the chip loving Brits who spread the word outside the school gates and anywhere else that they congregate. The fact is oven chips are few and far between in Spain but gone are the days when hard working mothers were prepared to put up with dangerous chip fat flying in their faces at the end of a long day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back To School

Girls went back to school on Monday, yeah!!!!!!It didn't matter that they didn't have a teacher to start the new term with, they had Senora Franci, the religion teacher to take care of them. Much as I love my children, the combination of three months of holiday and the uncontrollable sensation of feeling hot just makes it all too much. At times I wanted to kill them but by the end I just wanted them to put me out of my sweltering misery and kill me.

Anyway, it turns out that they now have a teacher, I think. She didn't look as though she had been briefed much, if at all.

Feel a bit sick right now as I have just cooked a recipe from Tana Ramsey's (wife of Gorden) book. I have to admit I was a bit dubious about the amount of butter to be added but went against my instincts and followed the instructions. Now I am wondering if Tana Miss Domestic Goddess Ramsay has ever actually touched a cooker in her life. I mean just because you are married to a celebrity chef it doesn't exactly qualify you to cook. If that were the case then I would be writing books on search engine optimisation and the like. I guess I was taken in by the yummy mummy images and the cute kids hanging out in their dream kitchen.That will teach me to be so superficial!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Since we don't have satellite television in our home, we often hire out DVDs. Not last night but the night before I think we must have watched the worst film ever made 'I Could Never Be Your Woman' or the spanish title which is not a translation and implies a completely different storyline 'El Novio de Mi Madre'. I cannot believe that Michelle Pfeiffer could have even contemplated getting involved in such a film. Surprisingly or should I say shockingly some well know British names even got involved in this excuse for a film including Craig David, Tracey Ullman and none other than Graham Norton. I have no idea what this film was supposed to be about, it was just long and painful with washed out story lines that never get going.

On the subject of DVDs we went to Gibraltar yesterday and to our delight we discovered that one of the shops in Main Street had Desperate Housewives 3 and Grey's Anatomy Series 3 on sale. Well neither of these are released yet in Spain and I don't think they are in the UK so naturally (sad, I know) we got a bit excited. Then I remembered that we had made this mistake before in the same shop and these particular imported DVDs for some reason do not work on British or Spanish DVD players. I have no idea how it works or doesn't work as the case may be and I can't even tell you if what they are selling is completely legal. I would appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me as to why these dvds don't work and if not why do they sell them and who do they work for.

Watched Bridget Jones Diary last night. I must watch it in Spanish to see how well her character translates into Spanish language and culture and the changes they might have made in order for it to do so.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Dyr Cleaners continued

Took the said coat back to the dry cleaners in Sabiniilas (Press to). When I pointed out that it hadn't been dry cleaned and the buttons had come off they simply shrugged, pleaded innocence and begrudgingly returned the ten euros. What a disgrace! They have actually given me more work as now I will have to spend an evening sewing on the buttons.Mark my words, give it a couple of months that place will be closed down as people just won't come back. The place is an absolute mess and there is no system whatsoever. Incompetency at it's worst or best.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dry Clean Disaster

I left my coat at the dry cleaners at the place in Sabinillas (the one on the way out of town) about two weeks ago. This was on the Monday and they said it would be done by the Friday. I knew that was too good to be true so I turned up on the Friday of the week after and guess what? No, it wasn't ready yet. They promised me it would be ready that night. Yeah, right! I left it until the following Thursday and Justin collected it. Bearing in mind that I had paid ten euros up front for this so called service. It had not been touched by a dry cleaner and all the buttons had been removed. Now this wasn't a particularly cheap coat. It was from Zara but not the cheaper Basics range but Zara Woman. I am very disappointed and can't believe that they expected it to be paid for up front if that is the service (or lack of) that they provide.

Selwo Marina

Today has been a life changing day for me. I have just answered an IT question of Justin's IT geek extraordinaire. Now I believe that anything is possible and miracles do really happen.

Took the girls to Selwo Marina on Wednesday in Benalmadena (Arroyo de la Miel). I highly recommend it but pick up the timetable on the way so that you know when to catch all the shows including the fab dolphin one and feeding time at the penguin house. Again, there were skimpily clad women wearing little more than bikini tops and short skirts. Surely, they would not do this at similar establishments in the UK.

Someone asked me about the location of the gym in Estepona which I have, ahem, not been to for a while but I have a good excuse. I know how to get that but couldn't describe it to you, if you know what I mean. But this week I will drive there and make some notes of landmarks road names etc to give some clear directions.t

The heat is much more comfortable now and some times you can actually go for a walk without breaking out into too much of a sweat.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cover up please!

Am I missing something? Is it not common sense that if it's not okay to go into a supermarket in a bikini in your own country than it's not okay in most other countries? What is it that makes people think that Spain is like one big centre parks kind of place where everyone else is on holiday and everywhere is like one big holiday zone. Please, get a grip, take a look around yourself and then dress appropriately. Have some respect and cover up. What effort does it take to throw a kaftan over a bikini to go to the supermarket.It's not even that hot any more and most supermarkets are actually quite chilly.And then they block the aisles with their sweaty, clammy sandy bodies and force people to manoeuvre their trolleys around their elephant skinned heels. Roll on winter so at least the least (and often the most) they will be wearing is a vest with some shorts.