Monday, August 27, 2007

The latest

The girls are really into their bikes at the minute but the sooner they lose the stabilisers the better. We are now on our second set from Decathalon and we spend more time adjusting them than actual riding time. In fact, we daren't take them out for rides unless we are armed with various spanners. The promenade at Sabinillas is great for practising especially at the new bit of promenade where it is completely pedestrianised and there is nothing for people to walk to so it tends to be quite quiet.

We have also succumbed to the world of games consoles and splashed out on a wii. Totally addictive, makes you sweat and hours become seconds....very dangerous!We keep it at our apartment so it is only used as a treat, a bit like British TV is for us.

Yesterday we took advantage of the refreshingly cool weather to do a big beach walk from our house to Sabinillas. We counted a total of four parks en route so I suppose you could call it a park crawl since the girls played on all of them. We stopped off for lunch on the way home at what has to be the best chiringuito in the Sabinillas area, apart from a fab one in Casares beach (will find out the name). I am not completely sure of the name again but it has the words Romeo and Paradiso in the title. The owners are Italian and they do fab pizzas, pasta dishes as well as sea food. It is more than your average chiringuito since it is attractively furnished, clean and the staff are polite. Let's say they are in keeping with today's demands in standards unlike some other chiringuitos not mentioning any names but one which is not a million miles away from where I live!

My girls have decided that they no longer want to do any learning with me. What can I do? It looks like they will have to listen to Harry Potter on audio as at this rate they are never going to read it!Well as the old saying goes you can take a horse to water..... I think they will soon be ready to go back to school but there's still a while yet since they don't go back until the 18th Spetember! What was I thinking of not putting them in summer school for August?I can't complain since they do play well together, most of the time!

I forgot to mention cockroaches. Yes, they rear their ugly heads when you least expect them. I discovered one yesterday cowering behind a suitcase, yuck!It was huge with a hard, impenetrable crunchy shell, I could have rode upon its back!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer Update

I know that I promised to be a better blogger and nobody bothers to return but it will pick up!!It's just it's so hot and my thighs are burning with this damn laptop balanced upon them all day long.

So what have I been up to? Well, not a lot. It's too hot to do anything, drive anywhere, walk anywhere. Even the supermarket shop is an effort in this heat. Roll on autumn!!!

The reading is coming along well as they are now blending and can sound and spell out most three letter words. I am using a combination of Jolly Phonics and The Oxford Reading Tree books and it all seems to be coming together.

It was a friend and fellow school mum's birthday yesterday, so we celebrated with a lovely lunch outside. It was ideal as the children were in and out the pool whilst we sat and chatted. It really is a dream life which you do take for granted.

Today we stayed at home and friends came over for lunch and left early for a haircut or so they said. I think they just wanted to get away from my face on since I am in one of those moods!

Girls have actually been tetchy all week but so have I. It's strange how my mood is always reflected in their star charts. Too many female hormones flying about, I am afraid!

I suppose I should be keeping you updated as to what goes on during the summer feria wiseetc but it's too hot to even think about it so it's bye for now.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Duquesa Prices

Saturday afternoon I met up with a friend in Duquesa. She was finishing off her lunch as I arrived.I was horrified when the bill for my diet coke and two small apple juices came out at eight euros! I was even more horrified at my friend's bill 32 euros for four ham and cheese toasts and a round of soft drinks!Surely these are UK prices, if not London prices. The sandwiches were made from simple sliced bread not baguette and there wasn't even side salad or any effort to justify the price. The same snack would be at least half the price five minutes away in Sabinillas.

That evening the four of (two adults and two children) went to eat in the Chinese restaurant in Duquesa (the second one as you enter the port). The food was great, the service was swift and polite and the bill came to just over forty euros and we had had two rounds of drinks. So the chinese meal was hardly any more expensive than the round of pitiful toasted sandwiches and the two restaurants are a stones throw away from each other.

Friday, August 03, 2007

August Already

Well it's August already and I am dreaming of cosying up with the heaters on for winter! I know it's terrible rushing the seasons and consequently your life away so I will shut up now about that. I won't even mention how hot, hot, hot it is everyday.

I can't believe I have been away from you all for so long. It has been quite a hectic few weeks so this is going to be a long catch up and I promise that I will get back on blog form again! My mother in law came out which turned out to be quite traumatising for all of us and resulted in her being sent back early. I won't say any more on that one!Just a word of advice if you are thinking of moving to Spain, make sure that you buy a place small enough so that if people really want to come out and see you they will find somewhere to rent. It can be awkward having the nicest people to stay for a week or more but awkward people are an impossible task not worth undertaking.

Our video camera was stolen from our home. Nothing else has gone but it was on the sideboard in the living room close to the French doors. We are living in a gated community so I have no idea who would have taken it but be careful everybody.

I have decided not to put the girls into summer school as they are quite enjoying staying up later and sleeping in.Their swimming is coming along splendidly since they practise nearly everyday. However, myself and some other local mums are starting to think seriously about their lack of progress in written and reading English. This is something that I aim to tackle this summer. It is such a concern when your children go to a local Spanish school. The truth is they are at a disadvantage as far as the spanish is concerned because they don't get the practise in the home unless they watch spanish television or as parents we attempt to speak to them in a very unnatural, non spontaneous way. Similarly we have to take responsibility for them learning to read and write in English.

Summer is wild and routine is non existent but I think it is good for a while but not as a permanent lifestyle.