Sunday, May 27, 2007


I felt so tired this morning that I had to go to bed for a while whilst Justin took the girls to the park. I don't know what was in that bacon ciabatta that he made but it knocked me out. Anyway, they returned at lunch time with the infamous chicken and chips in hand but I just couldn't stomach it so I gave it a miss.

During the afternoon, I did loads of puzzles with the girls whilst Justin watched the F1. He soon got bored and suggested that we all go out for a walk. Now in the beginning, Duquesa really wasn't my favourite place in the area but it has really grown on me, especially the port. The girls fed my last remaining bread to the fish that practically killed each other to get to it. The fish were going wild thrashing their bodies together for my burger baps. As the girls leant over to throw in the bread, I clutched their pony tails with my clammy palms ready to tug on them should they slip.

We went upstairs to the ice cream place that I can never remember the name of opposite Il Capitano restaurant. I love the straciatella in there and have been a loyal fan since it was the only thing that soothed my throat when I scratched it with a fish bone when we first moved out. Since then I have been very careful to tear fish apart when I am eating as it is the most uncomfortable thing in the world if your throat gets scratched by a bone or even worse, a bone gets stuck!

We realised that we never go to the port as we always end up in Estepona or further but there is really no need. There are loads of lovely restaurants and we are going to start trying a few including a brand new pizzeria which will be opening soon. It looks quite sumptuous inside, a bit like Pizza Express but with gold gilt and chandeliers.

We then stopped off a the DVD shop to hire Flushed Away which I insisted we watch in Spain. I did kick myself a bit though since it was based in London and think that I missed out on a lot of the English humour translated into Spanish. We all managed to polish off two big bowls of popcorn, sweet and salty.
Hi been away for a while so a few things to catch up on. If you are in Sabinillas, there is a really nice new coffee shop. It is around the corner from Sol Bank. Your best place to park would be the gravel, waste land car park opposite the eurobar. I really like this place as it is spacious, modern, brightly coloured and clean. It has a real juice bar feel to it but a good choice of cakes, pastries etc. It is non smoking inside but there are a couple of tables outside for the smokers. At the minute the staff are really friendly and keen. What really caught my eye was the sign outside "No cocine mas" meaning "Don't cook any more". They do take away in the evening but no the usual unhealthy chicken chips but wholesome food like paella. I am also yet to try their buffet lunch. The freshly squeezed orange juice is one to try.

Yesterday, it rained all day. A friend came over with her two boys and they all played indoors all day. They had great fun with their new wig wam which my friend bought them from Lidl.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Feeling ill

Just as I thought would happen, I burnt myself out. After writing about 15,000 words of content last week I have spent the whole weekend feeling really run down. I have had strange fevers, headaches and a cold. On Friday morning I got up to find my chest and throat covered in bright red, itchy hives. The pharmacist says that they were caused by the sun but I only sat watching the girls in the pool for about half an hour on Thursday evening. The last thing I need is to develop a sun allergy.

On Saturday we went to Agro Jardin in Los Barrios to torment the girls with all the cute cuddly dogs and fluffy bunnies "No you're not getting one but you can look at them". I had a lovely pure orange juice there, a glass crammed with vitamin C.We then drove home and had lunch at the chiringuito near to where we live. The fish was amazing and I recommend that anybody with children eating out in Spain to order gallo (John Dory) as it has no bones and is really easy to eat.Mind you it wasn't cheap considering the chairs were plastic, paper table covers and very rough and ready. It really isn't as cheap as it used to be eating in Spain and sometimes you do get a shock at the prices of some places that look as though they are going to be cheap.

Justin has just informed that our lovely Mayor in Manilva was handing out roses to all the mothers outside the school this morning. Unfortunately, I wasn't there, due to illness, to have the pleasure of shoving it where the sun doesn't shine.Does he really think that we are so cheap to be charmed by his fake attempt at chivalry knowing how he behaved so unprofessionally when he referred to our urbanisation as a load of shit that he didn't want to get involved with. He is so vile and sleazy especially with his photos of himself sporting a new dazzling white smile and a much slimmer waistline. It's actually an insult that he thinks that we are that shallow.

I am so disappointed that I haven't been able to make it to the gym this morning as I am worried that my body will get all stiff with this stupid flu bug.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm on a working roll

I'm on a roll as opposed to eating one (for a change).Did not go to tennis today as I could not peel myself away from the PC as the ideas were coming hard and fast and I couldn't afford (in every sense of the word) to break the momentum. I love it when that happens to me.No doubt I will burn out and end up as a frazzled run down wreck with spots and cold sores soon enough!

Quote of the day has to be the one from Justin:

"I've bought a pack of J Cloths, have you seen them?" he asks.

Is he seriously talking to me, I wouldn't recognise a Jcloth if it smacked me round the face. He has obviously had enough of the state of the house, bless him!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Space Invaders

I forget to tell you about my gym experience yesterday.It all started on the rowing machine. I prefer to discretely steal a look over somebody's shoulder to find how much time they have remaining on the equipment. But oh no this one sticks her neck out and rudely puts her face in the meter to see how long I have left.

Anyway it didn't end there,to cut a long story short, I was huddled in the corner of the changing room trying to get organised and when I looked up I was face to face with someone's nether regions. I looked up to discover that the lady was starkers apart from her swimming cap and as I gave her look of "would you care to remove your bodily parts out of my face", she simply looked down and beamed at me then proceeded to parade her naked assets about the entire changing room.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Weekend

On Saturday night we (myself and the Nueva Manilva Mujeres) went out for dinner at El Estribo in Sabinillas. It is fairly new and has replaced Babalu ( I think it was called). The owners and staff are Argentinian and the Argentinians are well known for their meat dishes. Well, the food was exceptional and impressively presented. We sat outside by the sea and had a lovely chat about all kinds. of things. Not naming any names one of the ladies is a writer for Hello magazine so she fills us in all the latest celeb gossip from the UK ! The quality of the food was very good and the prices were reasonable too.

On Sunday our Marbella friends came over with their little girl. We had a bbq and the girls had a lovely time playing together in the pool and on he beach.

Just got back now from the gym in Estepona and can safely say I didn't over do it today so I shouldn't be in too much pain tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The After Effects of The Gym

After the thrill of starting the gym on Monday morning, I had big intentions of going back the following day to do a class or maybe even two,lol. Yesterday morning I woke up to find that I could barely walk downstairs never mind Bodyjam. This morning I am not much better and I am still walking as though I haven't reached the toilet in time. It's my own fault as I really went for the burn when I should have started with a simple stretching class. All or nothing that's my motto.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Supersol rant!

Sometimes I can't be bothered with the hassle of queueing in Mercadona so I just nip into Supersol to grab a few bits and pieces. However, every time that I have been there over the past couple of weeks, I have gone to buy fruit or veg and it has been practically inedible. It is as if it has been sitting there for months and it is not cheaper at 2,50 for 2 red peppers that have gone wrinkled. I can't believe that they have the cheek to try to sell it as it should all be thrown away. Do they think that people are actually going to come along and buy it? I commented to the girl that the onions were going black and she replied that they were fine. Why can't they just face that they are taking the p*** trying to sell it. In fact, I have never seen such bad quality fruit and veg in my life.

And Lidl isn't much better with lettuces covered in snails and rotten tomatoes. I suppose an argument for the rotten fruit and veg would be the absence of pesticides but I hesitate to believe that the produce for the major supermarkets hasn't been sprayed with something. Rant over!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Mother's Day in Spain

It has taken me about twelve attempts to enter this today. Nowadays, there are passwords and pin numbers for everything. Unless, you write everything down and keep it all together then you are forever forgetting. The problem is with having everything written down is that if it gets stolen then you could be in big trouble.

Let me tell you about the weekend. On Saturday, I thought that Justin was on the same wavelength as me and that we'd agreed to do something and go somewhere. I had Medina Sidonia in mind but he disappeared into his office unaware of such plans. I do find that unless you get up and out early, you really lose momentum for the day and end up going nowhere and hanging around the house all day feeling monged. So we stayed at home until we decided to go out after lunch to Boulangier, next to La Canada in Marbella to buy a camera and a wireless card for the computer.

It wasn't until we arrived as we were faced with an array of cameras behind a glass cabinet that it actually dawned on us that we hadn't done any research and didn't know what we wanted at all. So we decided to leave it and do a bit of research online to find out exactly what we want. Since the weather wasn't brilliant, the whole area was heaving. The Spanish seem to have adopted the British habit of hanging around retail parks and shopping centres at the weekend.I had a quick look around the toasters and kettles but the choice was so poor that I gave it a miss.

The following day, poor Justin burnt his fingers on the grill in the cooker! I should have bought a toaster. Sunday, was dia de la madre (mother's day). They didn't buy me a present but they agreed that I could decide what to do for the day. So, we took a drive up to Castellar. When you drive through Castellar de la Frontera, you notice that all the streets are in neat, orderly lines, not unlike the UK layout. There are no apartments, just houses with lots of grass verges along the roads and wide pavements. This is because this is a new part of Castellar that was constructed in the 1960's as the original inhabitants of the Castillo moved down to the nuevo(new) Castellar.

We drove up to the castle which is fascinating particulary the little houses tucked within the castle. In the 6o's some hippies (mainly German) moved in to the houses and the Castle and they have kept it going and well maintained. There is even a tourist centre up there with all kinds of information.

From there we drove down to the Castellar Rastro which is a very small affair but worth it for the bread and cake stall (which are yummy) and the pony rides. The pony rides aren't advertised but there is a riding school at the entrance and the girls that work there take children out on pony rides for 5euros each. Our girls (aged 5) loved it, especially since they did quite a long trek.There was also a clown/magician making balloons for the kids and doing all kinds of tricks.

We then went on to Jimena for a lunch of Steak and chips and the most delicious baby carrots. We had happened to notice that it was the Feria in Castellar and Sunday was the last day so we dropped in on our way home. The girls had a few rides but at 2,50 a go, it soon started to add up. The feria people must be millionaires. All the girls (from 8 months plus) were dressed in their sevillanas costumes. It was very hot and the sight of people in their jeans and tight tops was making me feel even hotter. So we left before I became irritable, as it was mother's day afterall!

We finished the day with an ice cream on the beach and a lecture to the girls along the lines of you don't know how lucky you are, you get so many treats, when I was a child blah, blah,blah

This morning I went to check out the sports centre in Estepona and was really impressed. I could join the swanky Albayat which is quite spectacular but for 18euros a month you can't go wrong as it is very much like the UK leisure centres with a coffee shop, pools, lots of classes and modern gym equipment. What makes it even better is that it is completely Spanish so you have to speak in Spanish too. I really enjoyed the atmosphere there as I had been missing that kind of set up from the UK. Today, my friend and I did the gym and one of the staff on hand there set us up on the equipment. Tomorrow, I am going back to do an exercise class. I really enjoyed it and will be paying for the month tomorrow.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

End of the week

Our friends who are over from the UK stayed the night last night after a fab Chinese takeaway from Sabinillas. These guys are so unlucky weatherwise as the last time they came out in October/November time there were really bad storms. Well, they have been here since Sunday and have only seen a day of sunshine. The surprising thing is, they actually have really good tans to go back with but I have a feeling that they have been enjoying the recent good weather in the UK.

Well, it's the end of the week now already and I am still behind with my tasks due to a combination of procrastinating and life getting in the way but must get down to business soon, whilst I still have some vision left.I have scratched my cornea from over wearing of contact lenses and other causes so I am wearing my glasses. I find the glasses quite irritating to wear and I am toying with the idea of laser treatment. So, if anybody has had it done, let us know.

I feel like going somewhere and doing some exploring this weekend, maybe Medina Sidonia.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tivoli again

It was a bank holiday today and we ended up at Tivoli again. I'm not complaining though as we remembered our free return passes from Saturday. It is such an effective good behaviour bribe.

I felt really sad for one of them as she lost her little cuddly puppy there. She was so upset so I spared her the lecture on how you have to take responsibility for your own things and so on. To make her feel better I also agreed that the little cat that keeps coming into the garden can move in! What have I done? I have no idea who it belongs to but it doesn't wear a collar. I will buy it some food tomorrow.

Anyway, back to school tomorrow and I must see the optician immediately as I think that I have scratched my cornea. I change my lenses monthly and this month's pair just haven't felt right. I had to go around Tivoli with vision in just one eye as I had to remove the lens, it was so painful. So hopefully I can get my lenses sorted out tomorrow.

I also need to buy some Jiffy bags but they don't sell them in the Post Office, which would be an obvious place to look. When our friends came to stay they forgot their 2 year old's entire collection of comforter toys so I need to get those sent off.