Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Belly dancing in Estepona

I didn't go to belly dancing last night. My friend and I bunked and sat around her's drinking tea and er half a glass of wine but only half. I wasn't in the mood for the hassle of looking for a parking space in Estepona at night. It is such a hassle. I hear there is a belly dance teacher at Albayat Spa which is much closer to where I live and has a big car park. In fact, it would make sense to go there but I don't want to be disloyal to the teacher.

Did a big walk this morning. I might not be losing weight but boy, do I feel fitter! And that's what counts,right?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Estepona shopping

It's so sunny. I love the weather like this. It's so bright but the temperature is comfortable. We went to Estepona on Saturday morning. I much prefer going there to La Cañada as under cover shopping centres make me feel a bit monged so it's lovely to walk along the high street in Estpona on a sunny saturday morning and stop for a coffee and cake in the open air. There's also a lovely children's shoe shop Fantasia and Charanga do lovely brightly coloured kids clothes.

I don't know why I go all the way to La Cañada and they don't even have a decent shoe shop there. There's loads of shoe shops in Estepona.

On Sunday morning we went to the Rastro in Sabinillas where I bought a Louis Vuitton alike suitase on wheels and a Fendi Spy copy ssh don't tell anyone.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I feel dirty!

I've just been to the local market where a friend of mine's husband has a stall selling UK high street clothes. BTW I was wearing no make up, trackie bottoms and trainers. I bought a lovely pair of wool,wide leg trousers from my friend's husband. We had a chat, he pushed two rails together so I could try on the trousers behind the clothes.

As I was walking out of the market this vile creature circa 40, bald with bulging ice blue eyes approached me and asked if I was English. I replied yes,why? He then asked me if I asked him to meet him again would it be a problem. I replied yes it would as I have a husband and two children. He said okay, have a good day and I walked off. Why oh why didn't I say "No it's because you are a vile little creature, how dare you even try!"

I just feel dirty and a bit down that someone so vile finds me approachable. I wouldn't mind so much if he was half decent. Surely I could do better than that! Wish I'd taken a photo of him now to show you all but I just wanted to get away.

My trauma has given me no other option but to put the excercise on hold and drink tea and eat biscuits instead!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The sun is out

After days of drying my washing in stages over a heater (I don't have a tumble dryer) the sun has made a guest appearance on the ironically named Costa del Sol. I thought yesterday was going to be okay when the heavens finally opened at 10 to 3 just as I was on my way out to pick my girls up from school.

I am really peeved about the weather this week as it has really got in the way of my little excercise regime. But hey, I'm back on track again today and I did a killer hour walk this morning wearing my new Adidas trainers. I was walking before with a pair of Reebok Classics which I think are the cause of my jarred knee. they were also half a size too big at a size 6 but I thought with thick socks they would be okay. I actually really dislike them now when I look at them, they look so huge and box white. I was relieved when they filled up with water on Tuesday as it gave me an excuse to look for a new pair. The Classics were a complete impulse buy in Decathalon Sports shop in Los Barrios. I decided there and then that I was going to start walking so I just picked up the first pair of trainers I could get my hands on. I should have known they weren't for me and it wasn't my fate to buy them because i went through a right palaver at the till with incompetent sales assistants that day. However, some good will come out of it becasue I am going to donate them to the Blue Peter shoe appeal when I go to the UK next month. It is such a worthwhile cause that I urge everybody to hand in their unwanted shoes at their nearest pick up point usually Clarkes shoe shop.

I also had a clothes shopping spree for the girls in Charanga in Estepona. I love that shop. The clothes are so brightly coloured, much more interesting than the stuff in UK which tend to be pink, pink or pink and a dash of lilac if you are lucky!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Dull, dull,dull!

Yes, it's dull and dismal again. What shall I wear today? Me thinks a polo neck is in order to keep the cold off my chest. Off to do a radio interview today on REM in San Pedro. Haven't done my Big Walk this morning as had a cup of green tea on rising which has l ead to me feeling sick and dizzy! So much for it being healthier than the real stuff. To me healthy makes you feel good not sick!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

More Rain!!!!!

Rain, rain, rain all weekend and I've only taken my wellies off to go to bed! Went to a friend's house on saturday with girls in tow as she also has a tot. The guys went to the Malaga car show and we just vegged with the girlies who were very well behaved.

Had big plans for a walk to the market today but alas it was not meant to be and we decided to venture there in the car instead. There were hardly any stalls but O/H managed to bag himself a Marks and Spencers cosy winter jumper for a bargain 15 euros from a stall which has all the UK brands.

Went to Fox's in Sabinillas for Sunday Roast lunch. It's the best roast going, followed by bread and butter pudding and custard. It's just what you need in the winter.