Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Keeping fit

I've decided that I need to get fit. I am starting by simply walking but really pounding until I break out into a light sweat. Did a killer hour long walk this morning which really woke me up. Went to belly dancing last night and drinks with fellow dancers afterwards. Had a really dodgy red wine in a bar in Manilva village which did not agree with me at all and has put me right off drinking.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween in Spain

A shop in Manilva has a great Halloween display at the moment but none of it is for sale! I popped in to pick up some bits and bobs for my girls for a little party on Tuesday night but they aren't selling any of it!

Halloween is only starting to catch on here and they are doing something in Manilva centre on tuesday night.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The past week

Can't believe that a week has passed since the last post. So, what's been happening? Well for a start more rain which makes drying clothes a real challenge when you don't have a tumble dryer!

Popped into La Cañada today with a friend . That shopping centre makes me feel really tired and disorientated when I leave. My kind friend treated me today to lunch in Terra Sana. It was delicious wraps and orange juice.

Really must start thinking about getting on with some Christmas shopping. The thing is it's hard to get into the spirit of things so early when there is no sign of it in the shops.

Halloween next Tuesday and this is the first year that I have actually seen signs of it in the shops out here even the local ones in Manilva.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


It is absolutely bucketing down here and as usual I am so unprepared apart from some funky wellies which I snatched in Casa during the summer. But apart from that I don't even own an umbrella never mind waterproofs. It is still too warm to wear the kind of quilted numbers that come with hoods but what are the stay dry alternatives without looking like a trainspotter. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, having driven all the way to La Cañada from Manilva yesterday the black trousers that I bought in H&M are horrendous. They are so dated looking, they look like something I could have picked up for a couple of pounds in a UK charity shop. I find the problem is when you go out with the intention of buying you never find anything that's right.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

La Cañada

Did the La Cañada trip today as I fancied a mooch. I actually went into shops that I wouldn't usually consider going in as I am in a bit of a H&M/Zara comfort zone. I was pleasantly surprised by Tintoretto and Caramelo. Although, the clothes are a bit pricier I would probably end up spending as much on a load of tat from H&M and it would end up looking like a load of rags by the end of the season.

To be honest I am actually getting a bit bored with what H&M has on offer so I think I am only going to buy what I really love instead of buying things just because they go together.

I always bought the most beautiful pop up version of Alice in Wonderland for one of my girls for Christmas as she was absolutely mesmerised by it last time we were in there. They have the most fantastic choice of books in Spanish for children and a good selection of DVD's.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Weekend

Saturday morning we got up and I suggested we check out La Linea. It's not ike we had never been there before just not on a Saturday morning. I can't beleive how cheap it is for shoes, clothes everything. Especially for children where the usual Barbie trainers which last at the most a couple of months are only about 12euros in the shops. There are so many shoes shops with loads of choice and good value. That's one of the problems with La Canada shopping centre is that there are hardly any shoe shops apart from those selling stiletto, sequinned boots for women or white slip ons for men. And to be honest, there is one children's shoe shop but the prices are extorniate!

From La Linea we then went on to Decatholon in Los Barrios which is fantastic for Sports wear and equipment. We had a quick look in Toys r Us and then wen home to rest for a bit before we took the girls to a birthday party held in blue Planet in Estepona. by this point (6pm) they were so tired that they didn't really get into the swing of it.

The next day (Sunday) we went for a lunch at Fox's in Sabinillas. Although, we generally tend to have seafood when we eat out, I really fancied a British roast. The beef and yorkshire pudding was absolutely delicious so will definitely be returning there for a warming meal on wintry Sundays.

Weather has become quite bleak over the past couple of days and I don't have anything to wear to keep me warm. I desperately need a winter coat, jumpers and tights but you can guaratee that as soon as I buy them the sun will come out!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Belly dancing in Estepona

What a hopeless blogger I am! I had such plans to blog everyday and I am luck to blog every week. Anyway the girls are into their activities after school two hours a week of sport and four hours of music and movement and I have been loving my belly dancing classes in Estepona. I need to get myself into a nive litlle work, excercise and shop routine because at the moment my weeks are rather haphazard and depend on how I feel from week to week. Apparently people with a fixed routine live for longer. I also need to get good a making notes and remembering where I put them.

Anyway, back to the belly dancing, I am actually thinking about going to her other class too which runs on another night in Sotogrande. Another birthday party on Saturday at Blue Planet in Estepona so that should be fun.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Can't believe we are at the end of the week

Not been here for a few days. The truth is Blogger is so painfully slooooow, that I keep putting it off but I am here now. I can't believe it's Thursday already. I haven't even unpacked from the weekend. Well, I 've got the girls after school activites covered. Music school twice at week for two hour slots for the bargain total price of two hundred euros for the year and after school sports for just one hundred euros (total for both) for a whole year twice per week. I've been putting together a database of activites for children in Spain for my website this week. Unfortunately my mind wanders as I find inputting data so tedious. We have another children's party this afternoon at quarter past five. Oh forgot to tell you all about Monday night's belly dancing in Estepona.. great fun, especially since it's followed by a curry in Sabinillas.

I must get organised and allocate certain days for certain tasks. Yes, I think I will do this next but let's see if I stick to it. I am just too spontanous!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


We've just got back from the Sierra de Grazalame which must have some of Spain's most beautiful villages and is a walker's paradise. We stayed in a farm house El Horcajo which is right in the heart of the Parque Natural and visited Grazalema town, Zahara de la Sierra and then onto Ubrique. Ubrique did seem a bit unattractive but this may be because the other two towns set a very high standard and Ubrique is quite industrial renowned their leather production and 'buy direct' factories.It was a relaxing break and we would definitely love to return to the area soon to explore some of the other villages in the Sierra de Grazalema.