Sunday, July 24, 2011


It has to be said I love Tarifa. I won't step foot in the sea here but I will totally immerse my body in the water in Tarifa, where the Atlantic meets the mediteranean sea. There is a very different feel on the Costa de la Luz, vast, raw and most definitely more exposed to the elements predominantly the wind. They say that there is a high suicide rate in Tarifa. People go mad in the end due to the wind. My girls love the wind there as they can do bodyboarding there as the waves are so big. Today the sky was full of the kites attached to the surfers. There were literally hundreds. I'm not sure I could live in Tarfa. It must get bleak during the winter especially during the rainy period.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Geox in La Canada - Last Time I Buy There!!!

One of my daughters suffers with sweaty feet and I have always found that cheaper trainers don´t help the problems. When I bought a pair of Geox trainers at a very silly price in Marbella,I believed their claims based on all their research and technology. I was so convinced by all the blurb about their technology plastered all over the walls in their shop in La Cañada that I reckless and uncharacteristically tossed the receipt in the bin pretty much as soon as I had bought them. Roll on two weeks and Justin asked me "Didn´t you buy her new trainers?" My reply was yes and that she was wearing them. Well, he was horrified at the state of them to say the least. The front trim had peeled off and they could not longer be tightened where the velcro had peeled off.

I took them back to the store unfortunately without the receipt. I didn´t expect a refund, an exchange would have been a bonus but I expected them at least to take an interest given that they pride themselves on their technology and research. They told me I was lying that I had bought them recently and suggested that they had been worn in the campo. What???

I remained calm and polite despite their accusations and I suggested that perhaps that could send them to their engineers on my behalf which they just smirked at. In the end, I gave up but I emailed Geox customer service to explain what had happened and could that help me in anyway. I didn´t even receive an acknowledgement of my email. Useless!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Napolitanas in Mercadona

I forgot how delicious these were as Justin and I scoffed a tray or three big ones this morning. They are so chocolaty and perfect with a big mug of coffee for a breakfast treat at home. I have been a bit put off having breakfast out recently after a bad experience in a cafe last week. I don´t know what possessed me to take the lid of my breakfast roll but to my horror there was a hair inside. I brought it to the staff´s attention who did not apologise or look at all embarrassed but didn´t charge me for the roll or the coffee that went alongside it!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Iffy Weather

Well, I was lucky enough to spend Easter in sunny England. I enjoyed the beach at Brighton and some good days out including Legoland in Windsor. The only problem is everywhere gets so busy and when you come back here it feels deserted. Hence, restaurants etc have such a tough time, there just isn´t the volume of people. In the south east of England I am sure that pretty sure that any restaurant etc could work as there are just so many people and also because customer service is really very good in general in comparison. I found again that people working in shops such as Marks and Spencer etc seem so much busier and keen than here. Many staff were ladies into their sixties that seemed very young and active and very much present in the workplace compared to here. So, just some thoughts and comparisons having spent a couple of weeks back in England.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It baffles me that people still operate with this mentality of ripping someone off to make a quick buck here and now. What about tomorrow and the next day? You only get away with it once. You can probably guess that today I was lied to and ripped off. It cannot be denied that there is a culture of picardía here but it amazes me that people don´t learn that it just doesn´t work. Today I was lied to about plums. The guy promised me that they were sweet and they weren´t. Oh well big deal but he also charged me over three euros for a very small amount. He is the fool as I just won´t go back there.....Well, I thought I wouldn´t go back there until I decided to have it out with him.

Whilst I was in there saying my piece a woman told me to go back to my own country if I didn´t like it...a predictable response. I did feel a bit ganged up on but I felt like I had to tell him that I knew what his game was. We finished up amicably agreeing to differ. He had argued his case complaining about supplier prices. I argued my point about first impressions. Hmm maybe I will go back there to see if next time he will offer me a better deal on the plums.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rain rain go away

Yes the monsoon is upon us. I had booked a weekend away ages ago and I hadn´t anticipated that it would be so wet but we went anyway. We drove to Caceres in Extremadura last Friday, had a walk around, got very wet and went to our hotel room. We stayed at the Alameda Palacete, a charming little, eclectic hotel which would be perfect in the summer when you could do with a bit more insulating. The next morning we had a good look around the old town of Caceres which is a UNESCO world heritage centre. It is a blend of Roman, Islamic, Northern Gothic and Italian Renassiance styles due to hundreds of years of battles between Moors and Christians.

On the Saturday afternoon we started to make our journey home and stopped for the evening in the Huelva town of Aracena. Luckily the rain held off for the morning so that we could enjoy the castle and then the famous caves. All in all we enjoyed a great weekend away despite the weather and I would thoroughly recommend both places. Where to next????

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Cannot Believe...

If I have gone on about this a lot recently then forgive me but the weather is AMAZING!!!!!Today has been glorious and as I drove along the coast road, I felt so happy to be here in the sunshine, even the cows looked happy!!This is my perfect weather sunny but not too hot, perfect spring weather!